Pilot Art Program in the Guarderia

As of a week ago Safe Passage’s Programa de Expresión Creativa had only been known to the main building. But, on May 16th, the first art class was held in the Guarderia! The Art Program is manifesting itself in two different ways in the Guarderia: the first is in designing projects for the creativity tables once a week in the four and five year-old class rooms, the second is in leading zesty, half-hour classes once a week in the afternoon with the four and five year-olds. The projects found at the creativity table focus on the use of recycled materials, helping build the notion that creativity is not limited to new, shiny materials. The afore mentioned, zesty, half-hour long classes emphasize the Peace Program, taught in the main building during the Art, Music & Values classes.

This “gallery” contains examples of the most recent creativity table project: recycled people, made from toilet paper rolls, cut up chip bags and egg cartons.



The “gallery”  below shows some of the work done during the four year-old afternoon class. The value of this month was empathy; after discussing empathy, a description of which we boiled down to: when you feel sad/happy etc. because someone else is sad/happy etc. The four year-olds were then asked to draw something correlating with a specific feeling, such as sadness, boredom, happiness, anger etc.



The picture below is a group drawing that the five year-olds did collaboratively depicting “Things that are happy,” and emotion they chose to depict.

– Anna

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