Morning Dance Classes!

The dance classes are mainly about expressing yourself through movement, but to be able to do that, we have to build up confidence and technique. The first two months of the dance program was presenting three different dance styles for the whole project. I made a choreography combining reaggeton, jazz and hip hop. For the mixed groups it was hip hop and for the girl only groups it was a mix between jazz and reaggeton. With the girl group I try to work on their self-esteem and how to use their body in a way that is very feminine without exposing themselves. Also to embrace your female forms and accept the developments in your body as we grow older. For the mixed groups I try to focus more on technique and teambuilding.

We are now in the process of preparing for another presentation. Now that the kids  have a little more confidence to perform in front of their fellow students, I am working more on technique with all groups. For the next three months I will be teaching them the basic steps of hip hop and jazz to have them understand the meaning of rhythm and counts within a song. The main goal is how to move your body to different types of music and to be able to time your steps so that it flows with the music. Basically this time around it is all about understanding the process of making a choreography.

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