Respect your streets

Respect was April´s Value of the Month.  We started the month out with a discussion about the definition of respect and what it means to the kids. For every class we had a different approach, all aiming towards the same goal, which was an urban arts mural using grafitti techniques. We discussed in length about the definition of respect: respecting your companions and your elders and how you recieve respect by giving respect. We also talked about respect in school, in their homes and in the project. In the last class, we discussed respecting their community and their streets… and the difference between art and vandalism.  The kids were all handed paper and pens to practice graffiti letters.  Afterwards, each student wrote 5 sentences that signified respect.  They then made used their new graffiti techniques to create a mini mural with the word respeto. Each class was responsibile for one of the letters in the word RESPETO.  We then collaged all of the small pieces of papers with statements about respect with the graffiti.   The result is below:

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