Imagination Fair!

Saturday, August 4th was a morning filled with joy in the park Nuevo Amanecer, a location that connects multiple communities that we work with in Zone 3. This year, the Creative Expression Program hosted an Imagination fair that brought families together in the park for a fun and exciting few hours of art and music based activities.

We had a full morning schedule of music, including our very own Camino Seguro music students accompanied by Guatemalan musicians, as well as a Guatemalan Break Dancing crew. Our main project of the day was a community mural designed by our very own students and art volunteer, Sami Dardas. The mural design was inspired by values from our peace program and typical Guatemalan stencils. We had 6 Junior Leader art students helping us lead the mural project. Each leader chose a value-based word and outlined it in their own personal style a day before the event. During the event, the leaders (along with 6 volunteers) helped the younger children in the community paint inside the words and the stencils. In total, over 100 community members partook in the creation of the mural which is now a permanent piece in the main park of Zone 3.

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Our library coordinator, along with a group of volunteers, also led a chalking activity where the neighborhood children were able to write out their future goals on walls and sidewalks around the park, as well as cover up any negative drawings that already existed . We also collaborated with Ludi Club (part of the sports program) who had their stilts club participants running around the park dressed up as clowns and on stilts, adding to the positive, fun energy of the day. Ludi Club also hosted a face painting station and a balloon animal station which was run by our Junior Leaders. The morning was finished off with a 400 person snack donation made by Roterac and handed out to the community.

The day was, by all accounts, a great success, a true celebration of the positive power of imagination and its ability to inspire and motivate change!

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  1. carlyn says:

    This looks so amazing! Congratulations!

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