Summer Camp 2012: To be a Hero

This year, during the month of November, the creative expression program is making Zines with the older morning students.  Zines are underground magazines that can be made with very little materials and be copied and distributed easily.  Through art and poetry workshops, students are discovering their own personal powers and how they can use them to help their families and communities.  Each zine reflects this discovery.  Whether their power is to listen, dance, cook, or even just smile, they are learning and reflecting in how something small can make a big change.

The afternoon students are focusing more on the powers of super heroes.  Through activities and workshops, they are learning how to create story lines as well as imagining themselves as super heroes.  By the end of the week, every student had their own mask and cape to fight evil with!  By learning we are all heroes and we all have powers, we are improving self esteems and motivating our students to create change themselves!

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