Girls Only!!!

On Thursday afternoons, the 6th grade girls have found a new way to shake off the daily grind by participating in a girls only club held in the Creative Expressions room and lead by Art teacher Sami Dardas. While the majority of our female students show interest in extracurricular activities like dance, these activities often become male dominated, and girls have a hard time feeling accepted and comfortable. For that reason, the clubs aims to demonstrate a healthy method to release stress through a physical activity like dance, to boost the girls self esteem and confidence through art based activities, and hopefully to challenge the girls to participate in other type of extracurriculars in the future.The class teaches techniques of typical types of dance like bachata, salsa, and cumbia, as well as teaching hip hop steps. And when the girls just don´t have the energy to dance, they participate in other art and music based activities.  All in all, its one hour a week where girls entering the difficult age of adolescence (12-13 years old) don´t have to compete for attention… they can just be who they are and enjoy themselves.Image


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