Street Art Club Welcomes Special Guests

The street art club of the creative expressions program has hosted special guest artists, “Dope” and Alejandro the past two Saturday sessions in our practice space at the back of the Escuelita. In preparation of an upcoming large scale mural, the team sought the aid of more experienced street artists to give tips and pointers regarding their styles.  Alejandro demonstrated how graffiti artists go about portrait making and more image based works. The following Saturday, Dope picked up with how to properly create your own personal style of lettering, and the importance of the consistency and fluidity of your “tag”, or artist name. Dope asked each student to do a practice run of their tags so that he could give them specific tips and advice in lettering, color, and style, as well as to see how we can bring each of the works together to create a more unified mural. Thanks to the help of these two talented and generous artists, the street art club participants are well on their way of elevating and refining their skills, and finding within themselves the quality of work each are capable of. ImageImageImageImageImage

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