Art, Photos, and the Zoo!

I recently had the pleasure of joining the Creative Expression team field trip to the zoo.  The excursion was a chance for all of the visual art and photography morning students to practice the techniques they have learned so far this year in a new and different environment.  Art teacher, Luis Curan, along with photography teacher and CE coordinator, Elena Chernock, talked to the kids before they left about how this trip was a special opportunity for them to practice everything they had learned in the last few months.  They also made it very clear that this was a trip the students deserved for working so hard and behaving well.

The bus ride there buzzed with excitement, and I enjoyed seeing the mix of kids from different classes and ages interacting and getting along. When we got to the zoo, we separated into smaller art and photo groups so that every group of 4-5 students was with one adult, receiving the more personalized attention they crave.  What I loved the most was feeling the tug of an excited hand dragging me over to the next animal, joyfully exclaiming something about the animal in front of us.  We exchanged English and Spanish names for each animal, and I watched, impressed, as the kids sketched and took pictures. Seeing them express themselves in such a creative, healthy way felt particularly special for me, because as their English teacher I don’t always get know that artistic side of them.  It was a great morning and all forty-seven students participated with enthusiasm.  The best news of all: we returned with the same number of kids we left with — success!

-Leah Shorb


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